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Why we love tiny weddings

  • More creative venue options

  • More time to spend with each guest

  • Cost a fraction of what a traditional wedding costs

  • Don't require months of stressful planning

  • You can splurge on the details you love

  • Totally customizable and tell your love story

  • No drama!

  • Intimate and sweet

  • Easy - Peasy- Lemon -Squeezy!

Taylor Graham



"As long as I can remember, I've always loved to host gatherings, and have always been passionate about creating immersive experiences. For me, no theme is too far out, and I love the feeling of watching ideas come to life and seeing my guests just as excited about them as I am. 
My formal background is in marketing and hospitality management, and I hold numerous diplomas and certificates in marketing, social media, wedding and event management, travel and tourism as well as wine and spirit education. I'm an experienced copywriter with projects ranging from large corporations to small businesses.

 After years of working in corporate events, I wanted to shift my focus to events with a little more heart- and what has more heart than weddings? I love putting my experience and expertise to use in helping couples and small business owners execute events that are memorable and stress free.

When I'm not wearing my event-pro hat, I wear lots of other ones! The most important being a proud mama of two. I'm an avid kayaker, scotch collector, metal listener, #1 library patron and I am the self-proclaimed "Queen of Useless Trivia". I believe that love is love, and I am truly blessed to have so much of it in my life."


Why Choose A WPIC Certified Planner?

Members of The Wedding Planners Institute of Canada are upheld by a strict code of ethics. This means that clients know upfront what services are being provided in their contract, are provided with transparent pricing, timely contact and a planner who is committed exclusively to their best interest. WPIC disallows vendor "kickbacks" so clients can be assured that all vendors are suggested on merit and are the best fit for your special day.

For more information on WPIC and their code of ethics, please see: 

Poppy & Pea is a Proud Member of WPIC


 Destination Wedding Coordinator

Choosing the services of a certified destination wedding coordinator allows you to plan your destination wedding without the worries that can often come with international travel. A DWC is educated in the legal requirements of marriage across the globe and can advise you on, and help you organize all of your documentation, witness requirements, notice of bans, and time of residency. With vendor contacts in a number of popular destinations, we can also help you find the best vendors to fit your needs.

At Poppy & Pea we are also accredited travel experts through a number of global tourism boards, allowing us insight into the best destinations for your special day. We are also a recognized 'Safe Travel Partner' by the Government of Canada, and certified by the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) education standard program, so you can feel confident that you are receiving the most up to date and secure information about your travel plans.

 Wine & Spirit Experts

Want to add a little sparkle and spirit to you event? We can help! 
We are certified experts in both wine and spirits through such esteemed institutes as Wine Spirit Educational Trust, International Wine Education Guild and Brock University's CCOVI. With over a decade of experience in the beverage industry , we are excited to bring our expertise to your event, whether it's creating an exceptional wine list for your wedding, adding a whiskey bar to your birthday bash or hosting at home with one of our at home wine tasting parties.

White Wine
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