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Budget Smarts Part Two: Lower the Bar

A little thing you should know about me, if I want something, I usually find a way to get it. Now I'm not talking anything crazy, I know my limits. So when I say I want a mansion on the coast, I'm not putting my bungalow up for sale and shipping across the country. But if there is something I want I will usually find a way to shift things around to accommodate.

I like to take this approach to helping my clients work with their budgets as well. I believe that getting what you want out of your wedding is almost always doable, as long as you're willing to give in some other aspect.

In the first segment of this series I talked a bit about how you can save thousands on your wedding by just making small adjustments to your table scape. Want to keep your table just as lavish? The bar is another place that easy adjustments can save you big bucks.

Go Dry

Recently I read an article (yes, I admit it was a Reddit AITA) where I bride asked if she would be the AH if she only offered tap water to drink at her wedding. The answer is just unequivocally yes, just don't do this.

That said, going dry at your wedding is a great way to save money, but it does require some tact. This is a great option if you're hosting brunch-y style reception, where you tie the knot in the morning and celebrate over all of the delectable goodness that brunch entails.

This is a touchy subject with a ton to unpack, and I'm working on a blog specifically about this issue so keep your eyes peeled, or shoot me an email if you'd like to explore this option.

Skip the Champagne

If you're a wine lover you know this, and I'm sorry for being trite, but if you're not you might just assume that all bubbly is champagne. Nope, and it doesn't all come with the champagne price tag. Awesome, and price friendly alternatives for your toast include Prosecco, Cremante, Cap Classique, and of course, some locally produced VQA Sparkling.

Serve A Signature Cocktail

Trying to keep everyone happy can get pricy.

One person wants a manhattan and another wants a margarita. Not only are you spending a ton in mixers and garnishes, you also need at least 4 different types of spirits to make these cocktails. Now if your venue comes with a bar package, makes no differences so absolutely mix them all up.

But if you're stocking your own wedding bar, keep your menu simple (and inexpensive) by offering beer, wine and two cocktails that you love. This is a fun way to share a little about your tastes, but it allows you keep your bar supplies to a minimum. There are so many ways to have fun this, check out our custom shop for custom made bar signage for your event too!

So if you just have to have that incredible bouquet - just get it girl! Believe me when I say, you won't be looking back at your photos thinking "I'm so glad I stocked my bar with vermouth".

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